Need advice on planning a bike tour?


  1. Pick a date. Start saving.
  2. Get a bike, tent & sleeping bag.
  3. Choose a direction and start pedalling.


Planning a bike tour can be overwhelming for some people. Let me tell you this: The less you prepare, the more you enjoy your trip.


Here are the things I have been doing in preparing for my journey these past couple of weeks:

  • I worked a full time job to save up more money.
  • I talked to sponsors.
  • I looked at a somewhat save route in terms of countries
  • I applied for my Chinese Visa
  • I met with people from different news outlets
  • I got all my necessary gear
  • I did some cycling for the fun of it, but no special workout or training.
  • I worked out my travel as well as health insurance
  • I met with friends and family.
  • I enjoyed life and didn't worry too much about anything.