The times on the open road with all the unknown ahead are the times I am the happiest and most secure, with people who know my core and live solely for the purpose of unmediated experiences and love, from which purpose itself is born.

I am trying to get away. A world, far off, and nothing but my breath and the very next pedal stroke. The feeling of conquering my own aliveness, with no task but to keep moving; making every way the right way.

I am convinced that people are, by nature, nomadic, but we built up anti-human constructs that keep us from being truly alive. By traveling on a something as simple as a bicycle, I allow myself to wander off into the vast jungles of cultures, languages and religions. This often leads to me stumbling upon life-altering, new ways of thinking, living and being. Yet, I am in no rush to figure everythung out. Instead, I embrace the unknown and let the road surprise me.

Therefore, I decided to temporarily take leave from the safety of everyday life to experience an adventure where my only worries are riding, finding food and water, and a place to sneak a few hours of sleep. Forgetting all my self-imposed limits just to see what I am truly capable of.

Let me take you with me as I set out to tell my story of a bike ride from Hong Kong to Greece.